The 2019 road to Damn Am kicks off Saturday March 16, 2019 at GBASO @ 2pm. Win cash, Damn Am Chicago entries, medals and goods from our sponsors. Our Grand prize this year will win a trip to NYC to compete in Damn Am NY. Be there.


The contest itself contains 3 rounds in Six stops throughout the Midwest!

Round 1 - The contest starts by narrowing the riders into a 3 to 4 rider three minute jam session. The judges will then select the top 15 riders with the best scores from out of all of the jam sessions to move onto round 2.

Round 2 - The top 15 riders with the highest scores will get their own timed free run of the park. The judges will score each rider a 1 to 10 score. After each rider has gotten their chance we move onto to round 3. 

Round 3 - On a designated section of the course each rider will get three chances to land their best trick. The judges will score each try a 1 to 10. After each rider has had three chances the judges will take the highest score from round three and combined it with round two to get the results. Even if a rider doesn't finish in the top three they are awarded a ticket to compete in our finals at Grant Park in downtown Chicago IL to win the grand prize. 

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