About Us

Why I started this Brand;

Let me start with the name of the Brand and why I chose the name "REGAL".
The word Regal stands for the following;

1. Being from a Royalty family 2. Fit for a King 3. Magnificent; Splendid.
What attracted me to the name was the fact that it stands for "being from a family". For that reason I chose the name, it is because I want you to know that when you represent this Brand, you are welcomed as a part of this Movement, this Family, “The Regal Family”.
I was raised in a rough neighborhood in Chicago by a single mother with four kids. I grew up very poor of money but very rich of love from my mother and family. This has made me who I am today.

I am a Skateboarder, positive role model and entrepreneur from Chicago who is very passionate about skateboarding and making a difference in our community.
So this is how it began, for years now I have been buying skateboarding gear for friends, random kids I meet at skate spots and just people I meet at a local skatepark as my way of giving back. I’ve always kept extra gear in the car such as hardware, bearings, tools, decks and other essentials that I bought with my own money. Little by little people started asking me to sponsor them but how could I, I am an individual not a Brand. Well, fast forward to today and now I started this Brand to fill that void.

My goal with this Brand is to give back to the community. Wether it be by helping others excel in their skateboarding career or just Life itself. I want this Brand to be your stepping stone to help you get noticed by the bigger Brands.

Whether you are just skateboarding for fun or you just dig our concept and believe in what we stand for, then I want you to be a part of this Family, this Movement. I want you to feel good about supporting this Brand. For every clothing purchase you make, I will donate one clothing article to the less fortunate or the homeless.

I just want to Thank You in advance for your support in helping others. 

You can read the full interview on www.TheModernSpaceman.com Magazine.